Kind Words About ZIOBAFFA

Kind Words About ZIOBAFFA

“This is Pinot Grigio the way I wish Pinot Grigio always tasted. A smoky nose sports citrus and almonds in addition to the small campfire. It has quite a bit of character for a Pinot Grigio. The palate is earthy and lemony, with kiwi on the backside. The finish is not terribly long, but the tropical notes stay with it to the end, along with a honey component. ” – Now and Zin (October 2015) on the Pinot Grigio


“This might be my favorite white in recent memory, pure summer fun in a glass. Tasted with a kale and mango salad, worked against the vinegar and sweet tropical flavor perfectly.” – 50 States of Wine (September 2015) on the Pinot Grigio


“If you’re not a believer of terroir, this wine might change your mind. Take a sip with your eyes closed and taste the sun-warmed soil in which the vines have their roots – tastes like what I imagine a lazy summer afternoon in Italy tastes like.” – 50 States of Wine (September 2015) on the Toscana Red


“Ziobaffa wines are an expression of a creative, easy-going lifestyle. The combination of organic farming, a focus on sustainability, innovative packaging plus tasty wine is appealing indeed. Perhaps Ziobaffa is the next big wave in winemaking.” – Toledo Wines and Vines (September 2015) on both wines